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Specialists in flexibility. You launched a new service and expect a temporary increase in customer calls? You now know a peak at a certain time of the year? You think of a nationwide marketing campaign, but do not know exactly how or with whom? You go one week to an event? Does your organization have a project for a few weeks or months? And you may be within such a project too massive peaks and lows in activity or productivity? Then you’ve come to the right place.

First we train ourselves in the core business of the project and your organization. Our project managers are thus able to send itself to the project and even perform. Where necessary, we supplement our team with smart and talented people. You look over the shoulders, we execute and take as much of the work for you. We consider this additional smart people themselves and ensure that the profiles fit perfectly with the project and your organization. For the wages of our team we partner with a trusted party (Tentoo), so you do not have to worry about salaries, sick days, holidays. We provide continuous effective organization and running of the project. We think along with you, in your interest. We make your complex situation effectively and steady. Flexibility in time, peaks, lows, people that drives us.

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