Did you take the responsibility to recruit your staf, but is it too complicated by the complex regulations, payroll and labor law obligations? Recruit a Student payroll is the solution to your problems!


During a period of 130 weeks, you don’t have any payroll formula liabilities arising from the contract and therefore you will have no risk to sick leave: on your invoice, you will only find the hours your employees actually worked.


With our payroll IT solutions, your data is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available. Using the Recruit a Student Portal, provides within one-click direct access to the full periodic costs and disposal management informatie. Besides the fact that we completely are relieving you from any worries, our payroll formula offers you great extras:

  • Free use of our recruitment website
  • You can recruit staff, at no additional cost
  • Use our walk-in offices
  • If necessary, you will be helped quickly face-to-fac
  • An additional discount on our staffing rate
  • Nice bonus if you still need reinforcing

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is a manageable and auditable timesheet process.You can choose from several timesheets and process variants. Employee and contract data will be automatically filled in for you. All you have to do is submit the worked hours through the system. There will be various reports compiled in the system that you can use for your management information.The developments in the field of mobile devices have ensured that Recruit a Student payroll digital offering timesheets can now also be provided via the mobile phone.Approved papers are processed automatically by Recruit a Student and remain available in the archive.


The paychecks of your employees are available digitally. The retrieval and storage is a matter of simply selecting and clicking.


Your invoices are clear and available together. When there is a new invoice, it will be sent by e-mail immediately and you will be informed and guided to the right place.


Recruit a Student payroll has the ability to link to external systems. Various time registration and planning systems of customers are already paired. So we can share in a fast and accurate way data. This flexible method Recruit a Student takes care of each issue a customized solution.

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