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Recruit a Student is a employment agency that have been existing since 1999 and has a nationwide coverage. In addition, our services also extend in Belgium, the UK and Germany. We are specialized in temporary employment, recruitment and selection of students. We employ students in different branches. Our students are active in health care, engineering, IT, logistics, automotive, business and financial services. It doesn’t matter in which branch your business is contained, we can always find a suitable and motivated student. Because our students go through a screening after enrollment, we know that we have students in our database who are intelligent, inquisitive, flexible and ambitious. Our students have an understanding of business and would like to do relevant work experience.

Students have less experience than a regular employee but that doesn’t mean that a student has less potential. Working students just want to develop themselves alongside their studies with relevant working experience in business. Students are uncertain about their future, because in recent years  there we’re many shortages on the labor market. Students are not sure whether they have a permanent job after their studies, or if they will later earn enough money and whether they even get a job with a permanent contract. Students want to prove themselves in business and stand out from their study mates. When you hire a working student you actually get an talent for your organization. Our working student gets the opportunity to develop his talent in business.

In addition, having a balanced personnel file for an bussines is very important. If a company is running as it should be run, there is nothing wrong, but sometimes it can sit at it with the orders, employees have nothing to do and then you suffer from understaffing. But if the orders come in at once, you will have the following problem: overcrowding. In irregular periods you go quickly from a balanced team to a large team, and than back to a small team again. Hiring a working student is a perfect solution. We help you to find fast, flexible, intelligent flex workers, people with potential and maybe even with a bright future as an employee at your company! We bring you the talent of tomorrow at home today!

Recruit a Student is a employment agency who daily employs students with a great pleasure for years. Are you interested in one of our flexible, hardworking students? Please fill in the ‘request offer’ form. Do you have any questions or do you want a personal appointment? Fill in the ‘call me back’ form and we will get in touch with you!

The advantages

check Low cost
check Temporary workers are driven
check Low risk
check Time gain
check Hire fire